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2017 Citizen of the Year, Pat Convery, unanimously chosen by past Citizens of the Year

At the 61st Annual Dinner and Citizen of the Year Presentation on Thursday, January 25 at The Johnson Center at Cleary University, Pat Convery was chosen for 2017 Citizen of the Year. The Citizen of the Year selection is a closely guarded secret in a gathering of past citizens of the year. Nominations are made, secret ballots are cast and counted and this selection was no different…but it was. Because the 2017 Citizen of the Year had already been unanimously selected by the entire group.

Patti Griffith, 2016 Citizen of the Year, created the presentation and script to make the announcement in front of 250 citizens, local celebrities and honored guests.

Pat Convery was shocked (to say the least) “I’m sitting there and hearing Patty…and I’m thinking, ‘Oh, this person is originally from the east coast, too?’And the citizen worked in a grocery store and a bank? That’s strange. So did I.’ But it was when Patty’s slide about being freaked out about tornado awareness month that I had the first clue that it could be me.”

Later, Convery learned of the plotted details, the secrets, secret meetings and fibs told over the last months and especially the past week in order to keep the announcement under wraps.

“I found out that past citizens held the real selection meeting sometime in June and staged a completely sham citizen meeting in October.”

Thank you to all who made the 61st Annual Dinner a success and special evening:

Past citizens of the year, elected officials, guests, chamber staff, staff at the Johnson Center, Richard Lim Photography

Sponsors: St. Joseph Mercy Livingston and PNC Bank.


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