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Apprenticeship Program at MS Plastic Welders in Webberville has been certified by the U.S. Department of Labor

Strong business strategy and thinking outside the box, MS Plastic Welders in Webberville will welcome their first Apprentices this month. The newly initiated Mechatronics Apprenticeship program rely on a four year program through Lansing Community College. Apprentices will also receive on-the-job training in mechanical, electrical and programming applications in addition to the broad college courses to include technical, mathematics, safety and communication. MS Plastic Welders will provide both paid college tuition and fees as well as a working wage with fixed increases year over year. The MS Plastic Welders team plans to hire and train two to three new apprentices each year in order to increase their workforce.

“Continuous investment in Apprentices is the key to filling the dwindling skilled trades gap. We need to have a plan in our global and local skilled workforce, otherwise the shortage will only get worse. In order to ensure continuous growth, higher technical knowledge and training is essential,” states Dirk Bareis, Vice President of MS Plastic Welders, LLC.

The MS Ultrasonic Technology Group operates globally (USA, Germany, Brazil, China) and across all industries. An innovative leader in the areas of Ultrasonic Technology, MS provides customized special machinery, innovative servo processes, modular systems and efficient components as powerful integrated solutions in the fields of thermoplastic materials, films, textiles and food processing. The MS USA entity was established in 1997 with a focus in producing customized Ultrasonic Welding machinery for the automotive industry. Product range covers the most diverse segments from bumpers to instrument panels to door trims and spoilers. Various subassemblies are welded, punched and mechanically processes using MS Ultrasonic Technology products.

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