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Asahi Kasei recognized as an employer with a diversified workforce

The Michigan Clubhouse Coalition recognized employers in their communities on March 22, 2017 for choosing to diversify their workforce by employing adults who have mental illness with the support of Clubhouse employment and recovery centers across Michigan. State legislators presented awards to the companies in recognition of their leadership in choosing to give people who have mental illness an opportunity to re-enter the workforce with support. Awards were presented in front of a crowd that included over 100 people including Clubhouse members, employers, legislators, family members and allies.

Managers from Asahi Kasei in Fowlerville were on hand to receive an award from Representative Hank Vaupel. Christopher Rockhey is a Genesis House member who is currently working a Transitional Employment placement at Asahi Kasei Plastics in Fowlerville. Chris spoke on his experiences and the importance of employment programs that clubhouse offers.

Clubhouses are community centers for men and women recovering from mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and major depression.  Clubhouse members volunteer their time and talents to run the Clubhouse while working side by side with staff colleagues.  Many members become interested in paid employment, and so the Clubhouse provides Transitional Employment and Supported Employment through partnerships with local businesses.  In Transitional Employment, members work for 6-9 months and receive training and absence coverage from the Clubhouse staff.  In Supported Employment, an established connection between the Clubhouse and the employer helps the member get the job, and training and ongoing support is also available.  Estimates put Clubhouse members’ combined earnings at nearly $1.5 million per year in Michigan.

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