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Chamber members get discount on HelpNet EAP pricing

The Howell Area Chamber of Commerce is partnering with HelpNet EAP to offer services to ensure the mental health of employees. In times of need, anyone working for an EAP-enrolled company enjoys no-cost, confidential services from licensed area therapists.

EAPs cover everything from stress-related illness, drug and alcohol addictions to family-related stress, grief, parenting challenges, marital problems, depression, anxiety, etc.

With HelpNet, employees can also receive legal and financial assistance, plus access a robust work/life website with webinars, articles about various issues, and data bases to assist employees in locating local childcare, eldercare, and such other resources.
Companies commonly adopt Employee Assistance Programs in order to maintain a productive, effective and functional working environment.

Employee Assistance Programs reduce the amount of time employees take away from work and ensure that when they return they do so with renewed strength and optimal mental health.

When these things are going on and the employee IS at work, other problems can result. Mistakes are made, productivity lessens, tempers flare – it affects co-workers and the overall environment.
EAPs have proven highly effective for the wider success of companies that use them and for the individual employees of those companies.

Members of the Howell Area Chamber of Commerce can adopt an Employee Assistance Program through HelpNet EAP. Members enjoy special discounted pricing to enroll in HelpNet.

HelpNet is a Michigan-based EAP with 25 years of experience providing broad brush, professional, and thorough programming.
For more information about HelpNet, call Dan Fry at 800-969-6162 or visit

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