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Cleary University and The Historic Little Rock Baptist Church announce a new center focused on business and entrepreneurship education

Collaboration Brings Education and Training to Detroit’s North End Neighborhood and Beyond
Cleary University and The Historic Little Rock Baptist Church announce a new center focused on business and entrepreneurship education. Beginning in January 2017 at the Considine Little Rock Family Center, a former City of Detroit Recreation Center, adjacent to the Church in the City’s North End neighborhood, students will begin classes. The collaboration is designed to offer a spectrum of instruction and training for Detroit residents and beyond, including short-term and accelerated programs for students to earn select credentials and certifications, as well as four-year undergraduate degrees.
This new campus of Cleary University and the collaboration with the Historic Little Rock Baptist Church are designed to prepare Detroit residents for job openings currently available and expected in the near future throughout the City’s neighborhoods.
One year certification programs will include:
• business leadership
• entrepreneurship
• human resource management
• marketing
• project management
• supply chain management
In addition to the certification programs, Cleary University offers “stackable credentials” which will allow students at the new campus to build upon each class and credit to work toward a degree program. Degree programs offered at the site include business management, accounting/finance, marketing, health care management and event, sport and promotion management.
“Detroit is moving forward, but Detroiters are standing still. Education is the only way out of poverty. This new campus is about transforming lives,” said Rev. Dr.
Jim Holley, Pastor at The Historic Little Rock Baptist Church. “As economic development thrives in Downtown and Midtown, North End is the next link in the chain along the Woodward corridor, connecting to progress in the City of Detroit,” he added.
“If Detroit wants to take full advantage of the City’s resurgence, we have to train everyone. We cannot afford to waste anyone’s talent,” Jayson M. Boyers, President and CEO of Cleary University said. “This partnership will help create opportunity for students who have potential but may have lost their way. Cleary University is offering access to affordable, quality education to help students progress personally and professionally.”
Additional educational institutions have been invited to participate to help grow the urban campus and add to the program and class offerings. In the coming weeks, enrollment officers will be on site and remain at the Considine Little Rock Family Center to work with prospective students to navigate the application and financial aid process. An online application process will be available as well.
About Cleary University
Founded in 1883, Cleary University is an independent, not-for-profit, multi-site, Michigan-based, specialized business university, providing practical, project-based education enabling an immediate alumni contribution to employers, families, and communities. The University’s mission is to enrich students’ lives through the knowledge, skills, and credentials that advance careers. Learn more at http://www.cleary.edu or connect with Cleary University on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ClearyU) or Twitter (@Cleary1883).
About The Historic Little Rock Baptist Church
The Historic Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church is in Detroit’s North End neighborhood and believes in providing spiritual, social, and economic nurturing for total mankind. The Church offers a wide range of services and an extensive outreach program. More information available at: http://www.historiclittlerockbc.org.
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