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Don’t you love the smile on a merchant’s face when you buy something?

ChamberCash certificateIt just makes you feel good knowing how much they appreciate you.

Some people in the community never shop local and it’s not because they don’t want to support Howell. They simply don’t know all the amazing stores and businesses that are here. They go to the quickest solution, which in their minds is the box store. They have good stuff too, after all. But…

When you give Chamber Cash, you’re helping someone in our community discover the excitement of buying locally. They have an incentive to try something new and find a hometown favorite.
Giving Chamber Cash is three gifts in one: It’s a gift to you because you can feel good about supporting the community and making someone happy with a thoughtful gift that fits everyone’s tastes. It’s a gift to the recipient because now they’re able to select something that fits their personality, and maybe they’ll discover something wonderful they’ve never tried before. You’re also allowing them to feel the benefit of that local merchant’s smile and expertise. And is a gift for our local merchants who bring jobs to Howell and invest in our community.

Chamber Cash provides an incentive for people to explore our business community and sample some of the wonderful treats and services here.

You can buy Chamber Cash from anywhere you have an Internet connection through our website at You can print the certificates or have them emailed.

But if it’s been a long winter and you just want to see our smiling faces at the chamber office, that’s nice too.

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