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DTE working on customer satisfaction, future energy needs


DTE’s David Harwood outlines what the energy company is doing to improve its service and provide energy in the future.

The most efficient renewable energy around is wind, according to David Harwood, director of renewable energy for DTE. And when you ask energy customers what they want, Harwood said they’ll say it’s “reliable power, affordable rates, and environmental consciousness.”

Harwood, who headlined the Nov. 11 Good Morning Livingston program of the Howell Area Chamber of Commerce, said paying attention to what customers want has pushed the energy company from dead last in customer satisfaction to the top of the heap.

“We’ve been working hard these last 6-8 years,” he said.

Harwood outlined how DTE is realigning its energy portfolio to invest in more efficiencies to meet the new federal CO2 reduction guidelines he anticipates will pass Congress.

“We are retiring coal and replacing it with natural gas,” Harwood said. “We are also investing in additional energy efficiencies, and we are building additional renewables.”

Among the most promising energy sources for the future are the state’s wind farms. The Gratiot County wind farm near Ithaca is the largest in the state, but the wind turbines located in Michigan’s thumb area are more productive because of their proximity to Lake Huron.

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