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Financial planning is in Lampert’s blood


Tom Lampert

Tom Lampert of Archer Huntley Financial Services in Brighton opened his first savings account when he was 8 years old, and he purchased his first stock with the help of his mother when he was 11.

He’s always been a financial planner, it seems.

“My parents split when I was young,” said Lampert, who was born and raised in Brighton. ”Money was a big issue.”

His mother worked three jobs to support her six children; Lampert is the youngest.

“How she managed to squirrel away money when she never made more than $32,000 a year, I don’t know,” Lampert said. But squirrel away she did, and when she retired, her investments provided more income per year than she had ever earned.

This is Lampert’s 25th year in the financial services industry. Prior to joining Archer Huntley three years ago, Lampert worked with two Fortune 500 companies after graduating summa cum laude from Liberty University with a bachelor’s degree in finance.

In addition to specializing in retirement income and estate planning, and helping people transition after a loss due to death, divorce or job change, Lampert also specializes in morally directed investing (also called faith-based or biblically responsibility investing). This type of investing avoids investing in businesses that promote tobacco, alcohol, gaming and pornography.

“To keep investments in line with people’s values, you don’t have to give up the returns,” said Lampert, who trained as a certified financial coach with Dave Ramsey, the syndicated radio host of the” Dave Ramsey Show,” and New York Times bestselling author of “Total Money Makeover.”

Lampert has also appeared in two films. The first, “Creed of Gold,” released by WalMart last fall, is about corruption at the Federal Reserve. He plays a computer programmer who finds a glitch in the system before getting bumped off.

“It was a 20-second role,” Lampert said.

He also appears  in “Rather To Be Chosen,”  which was filmed in part in the historic Livingston County Courthouse. Though he had no lines in the film, his wife had a speaking part as the office gossip. That film is yet to be released.

Lampert is a member of the Gideons International, Howell Rotary International, and is speaker for the New Hope Center for Grief Support. He is a member of the Howell and Brighton chambers, and  holds various volunteer positions at his church. He also facilitates workshops and seminars.

A Howell resident, he is married to Ann and has four children.

You can contact Tom Lampert at 810.229.5212 or Archer Huntley is located at 2140 Grand River Annex, Brighton, MI 48114.

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