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Howell chamber meets with others in state to set agenda for 2014

The Howell Area Chamber of Commerce was among 31 other local chambers to meet with the Michigan Chamber of Commerce in Lansing to discuss combined goals and strategies in 2014, as well as meet with legislators and policymakers to discuss job creation and business growth in Michigan.

Howell chamber President Pat Convery, and chamber board member Debra VanHevele of Comerica Bank , were among the participants who met with policymakers to discuss transportation and infrastructure funding, minimum wage and personal property tax reform. In the afternoon, chamber leaders met with legislators and concluded the meeting with a forecast on the remainder of the legislative session.

“It was great to meet with legislators, policymakers and fellow chamber representatives from across the state,” Convery said.

The event was the first-ever Chamber of Commerce Day, but plans are in the works to make it an annual event.

“We had an impressive turnout with many important chambers of commerce from around the state,” said Bob Thomas, Executive Director, Michigan Chamber Foundation. “Legislators heard directly from local businesspeople in their district about policies affecting their companies.  Having so many business leaders convene at once is a powerful opportunity to send a message.”

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