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Ignite XDS launches new Whitmore Lake Public Schools Website

Ignite XDS is excited to announce the much-anticipated launch of the new Whitmore Lake Public Schools website: The completely redesigned website boldly reinvigorates the school district’s brand, setting a new standard for public schools; while also making it easier for parents, students, and faculty to navigate district content.

The new serves as a launching pad to energize the school district’s initiative to increase student enrollment in two ways. First, it sets a brand standard that can be recognized by members across all mediums. Second, it provides an attractive, interactive platform to showcase the district’s involvement with the community and student population.

This partnership between Ignite XDS and Whitmore Lake Public Schools has revealed the opportunities available to the school district to market themselves. When the Whitmore Lake Public School District identified their need to increase enrollment goals, they knew an online transformation was a necessary part of the strategy. Together, the district and Ignite XDS developed a close partnership to demonstrate the school district’s strong culture of Exceptional, Personalized Education in the digital space. Paired with Ignite XDS’ marketing expertise, the new website transforms the user experience for current district members, while also serving as a resource for potential students and families.

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About Ignite XDS

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