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Improving the health of local employees is a goal of the Livingston County Health Department

The Livingston County Health Department (LCHD) is partnering with Washtenaw County Public Health to expand a worksite wellness grant within Livingston County. The grant, funded by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, will allow LCHD to support local businesses through the development, advancement, or expansion of their worksite wellness programs.
Worksite wellness programs refer to strategies (which include programs, policies, and benefits) designed to improve the health of employees. These strategies do not need to be complicated or costly. LCHD’s collaborative program will focus on making simple and sustainable environmental changes within your business. Some example environmental changes include: implementing walking meetings or activity break policies; creating tobacco-free grounds policies; making healthy foods available and accessible through vending machines and/or cafeterias; etc.
As a participant in the program, employers will be asked to complete a 20-minute environmental survey regarding the current status of their worksite; create and implement a worksite wellness action plan; and document progress towards worksite wellness goals. Employers who participate in this collaborative project and complete the requirements will be eligible for a worksite wellness program stipend of $1,000. This stipend can be used to build and sustain the worksite’s wellness program. LCHD will work alongside the worksite to provide guidance and support throughout the process, at no cost to the employer. Outcomes of the program will include a strengthened worksite wellness team and a plan for the company’s future worksite wellness efforts
LCHD is looking to partner with businesses who meet the following criteria:

Located within Livingston County, Michigan
Employ a minimum of 25 employees (full- or part-time)
Lack a current worksite wellness program or have a limited worksite wellness program in place
* Please note: Preference will be given to worksites who employ low-wage earners.
Candidates for this program will be accepted now through early 2018. If you believe your worksite would be a good candidate for this program, please contact LCHD. Program inquiries should be directed to Courtney Andrews at 517.552.6856 or

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