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In a mobile world, JAC launches business profiles into the mobile era

Our world is mobile, constantly moving and evolving…is your business doing the same?
Today we have the world at our fingertips, we can see the weather forecast right now, look up directions right now, see a real estate listing right now, find business hours right now. These habits of ours make being a business owner both easier and harder at the same time. Business owners are being forced to evolve with the changing times so that customers can easily find you, otherwise they will go elsewhere to a business that does have their information on every available device.
Most business owners can tell you who their ideal customer is, how old they are, where they live, even what their annual household income is. There are ways to target these individuals and be in front of them, even targeting a small geographic area. JAC Advertising Consultants can target your customers based on their habits, behaviors, hobbies, interests and demographics. This is more than a basic target marketing campaign as Darrell Jackson explains, “We run Facebook and Instagram campaigns for those dialed into social media and also utilize a new technology called Household IP Targeting that utilizes mailing lists to target customers in their home with digital advertising sending ads 20-50 times per month.  I like to call this the Post Office for the internet.”
Campaigns of this caliber draw people to Livingston County so that they will dine here, do business here, shop here, worship here, enjoy the many events and festivities here and hopefully eventually live in our great community. With over 20 years in the digital and target marketing industry, Darrell Jackson of JAC Advertising Consultants looks to promote local businesses and our community.
JAC Advertising Consultants is a new business to our community, but with a wealth of knowledge behind it. JAC has promoted campaigns for local events, politicians, auto dealerships and more on over 10,000 apps and mobile websites…JAC staff will work with you to determine what the best approach to your target marketing campaign will be. Look for Darrell and his team at Howell Chamber functions as they are set to be engaged with their fellow chamber members as well as within community events too!

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