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Level 11 Physical Therapy invites you to their Open House at their newest location in Howell

Level Eleven Physical Therapy will open in the community of Howell at 1030 W. Highland Rd, adjacent to the Howell High School. Level Eleven is excited to expand their quality of care into Livingston County. They service two other locations, Grand Blanc and Saginaw. Grand Blanc was the first Level Eleven and opened in 2009. After three years of continued success Saginaw joined the Level Eleven clinics.


Join us for our Open House on July 27th:  11:30am – 1:30pm with a ribbon cutting at 12:30pm

Bay City native Brian Sheridan is the owner of Level Eleven Physical Therapy. He believes in a comprehensive model of recovery. Sheridan believes its important to look at what his patients want to do to become successful, or how they going to define success in rehabilitation.

Sheridan, hadn’t always planned on pursuing a career as an occupational therapist, rather he had aspired to be a dentist. But when he was 18 years old a gymnastics accident left him paralyzed and he found himself on a new path. After he broke his neck, he got to see the healthcare system first hand. Sheridan then knew that this is what he wanted to do and became more intimately involved in the world of rehabilitation.

The Howell location like the other two is focused on innovative, high-energy outpatient neurological and orthopedic Physical Therapy. They specialize in the treatment of neurological conditions; Spinal Cord Injuries, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and Cerebral Vascular Accident (SCI, TBI, CVA, etc).

The clinics designs are based on a concept in therapy called “enriched environments.” Brightly colored, open clinical spaces with music, natural light, and a large variety of therapeutic activities creates an uplifting atmosphere. Such an environment makes therapy more enjoyable and consequently, more beneficial. Couple that with our focus on high-intensity restorative therapies and you have Level Eleven…an innovative approach to physical rehabilitation.

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