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Livingston Employer Resource Network (LERN) works to improve workforce retention in the county

The Livingston Employer Resource Network (LERN) currently has two open slots looking to add local employers in the manufacturing, senior care and home care, restaurant, hotel or other large business categories. Contact John Slot at TG Fluid Systems if you are interested in one of these openings to improve your workforce retention.

What is an Employer Resource Network?  Employer Resource Networks are private-public consortia whose purpose is improved workforce retention through employee support and training by a Success Coach.

ERNs are a value proposition to all stakeholders. Their outcomes include:

  • employee retention rates of 90-98%
  • contributing employer ROI of 175-330%
  • increased employee engagement
  • informal regional human resource networks
  • decreased employee reliance on public assistance
  • increased family financial stability

The Success Coach can confidentially help employees:

  • improve employment skills
  • overcome personal barriers
  • prepare for advancement opportunities

ERNs coordinate with community organizations to offer training opportunities such as:

  • Basic computer skills
  • Computer applications
  • Financial management and budgeting
  • Diversity education
  • Credit repair and foreclosure prevention
  • Affordable family nutrition
  • English as a second language (ESL)
  • Leadership and problem solving
  • Math proficiency
  • GED classes
  • Health and wellness
  • Free income tax preparation

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