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Prosperity Mortgage focuses on low overhead, helping homebuyers

Kim Lemkau from Prosperity Mortgage Inc. brings her 12 years of mortgage loan officer experience to Howell.  She focuses on keeping low overhead, which means a better deal for her borrowers, while making home buying and refinancing as quick and understandable as possible. She suggests checking with your local bank on current rates and fees and then give her a call so you can see the savings.  She has relationships with the wholesale departments of many major lenders, bringing borrowers the right loan products at a savings to her borrowers.

“There are lots of little niche products that various lenders have, that may just solve the one problem the borrower was disapproved on a loan elsewhere,” Lemkau said. “There are even many refinances these days that don’t even require an appraisal — it all just depends!”

Lemkau gives free phone consultations to potential home buyers who aren’t sure how to get in the best position to qualify.

“A lot of potential home buyers don’t know enough about how to increase their credit scores, what kind of reserves are required (if any), income requirements and what purchase price they can qualify for,” Lemkau said. “It is a great idea to get some coaching on what you can do now, even if you aren’t planning on buying a house for a year or two.  I am always happy to give free advice on how to qualify for the very best loans available.”

Contact Kim Lemkau, NMLS #1029477, at 517.518.1266, or toll-free at 888.648.4839. Co. NMLS #1191009

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