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TAB Massage and Fitness expands their space to include The Yoga Room @ TAB

TAB has expanded Personal Training Studio and have opened their new Yoga and Barre Studio!

Its called The Yoga Room @ TAB !

Why’d we create this space?  Because we wanted a fitness, yoga and barre studio for every ‘body’.
Our goal to be a one stop shop for all your health and wellness needs.  As you know, in 2008 we started with Massage Therapy and then added on personal training.  Then came Group Personal Training and Nutrition, now comes a beautiful Yoga and Barre Studio.  We don’t have plans to stop there… you can be sure that Chiropractic, A Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncture are on the horizon in the future!  Why create this ‘one stop shop’?  Well, imagine a place where all your health and wellness professionals all communicated with ease under one roof, where the continuum of care and the commitment to always having the patient/clients needs first.  We are a TEAM and are here to co-create (not compete for) in an atmosphere that will thrive your total health restoration.

We’d LOVE to see you there!
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Special Offer: First Yoga class is $15, then your fist week is FREE!

(Your free week (up to 3 sessions) will be added to your account after you have attended your first session. You must sign a waiver. This offer is being extended to clients who have been inactive with yoga/barre for 6 months or more).


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