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Want to be part of a great referral group?

Great people are attracted to being part of winning teams. Winning teams productively use their time together to learn how to effectively market the businesses of their fellow team members.

Sales and marketing are often a challenge for businesses interested in growing and increasing their sales. Howell chamber referral groups provide a great opportunity for you to grow your business in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

Howell chamber referral groups began when some members expressed a desire for small groups that could work together to help grow their businesses. The chamber’s ambassadors committee began gathering information on what other organizations were doing to bring small groups together to help each other become good at marketing each others’ businesses. The result were the chamber’s groups, which meet regularly — check the calendar for dates and times.

Howell’s referral groups provide small business professionals with the tools they need to grow by referrals, and it helps them learn to successfully network at any event.

Compared to other referral groups, the Howell chamber’s is a steal with a $25 one-time-only fee for members. People can also visit the groups for free.

For more information, contact Kim Esper at, or 517.546.3920.

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