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Chamber exhibit features work of Paint and Pour artists Dennis Bruce Spencer and Kelly Papcun

Artists-PaintPourPaintings by Dennis Bruce Spencer and Kelly Papcun of Paint and Pour at 111 S. West St. in Brighton are currently on display throughout the Howell Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation Building.

Paint and Pour will be offering sessions at the 2015 Michigan Challenge Balloonfest on Saturday and Sunday. More details are coming on this exciting addition to the balloonfest lineup of fun.

In his artist statement, Spencer writes: “Art defines me. It is my absolute essence, so I paint because I have to. It is not only a compulsion and an obsession, but a necessity. Creativity allows me to depict my fascination with perspectives, textures and possibilities as I paint landscapes, patterns and women. I pay tribute to all women, from goddesses to strippers and saints. I refer to them collectively as Egerians and let thier often-imagined stores enter my canvas with the colors they offer. Their colors do not cast shadows; they throb between their own life stories. Underlined by these women, the recurring thems in my work are creation, the cycle of life, leaving and belonging. I view every canvas or wood board as an opportunity to give it meaning and life.”

Papcun earned her BFA in painting and art history from Siena Heights University in 2007. Her large, colorful paintings are inspired by her art historical studies of Eastern art and Abstract Expressionism. Kelly’s work focuses on process and physicality of paint; repetitious layering of, taking away, and reapplication of color underneath automatic scrawling, scratching and mark-making express her inner-psych and sub-conscious.

She explored museum work in curatorial and historical preservation for server years, then finally realized she is a painter at heart. The Pain and Pour has allowed Kelly to focus on her artistic career and continues to inspire her every day.

For more information on the exhibit, contact Michelle Tokan at 517.546-3920, or mtokan@howell.org.


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