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County permit guidebook now available

As an initiative of Advantage Livingston’s strategic growth plan, a guidebook to navigate through the regulatory processes of Livingston County’s governmental departments is now available.

Most often the initial contact any resident, developer or builder has with the regulatory process occurs when a development is still an idea. At this initial stage in the decision process, specific information on permits and regulations is critical for determining whether or not to commit time and money to a development. Information is needed in order to test the feasibility of a particular course of action. Does the development conform to the local zoning ordinance? What permits are required? How long will it take to get the permits? How much do the permits cost?

With these questions in mind, the Livingston County Permit Guidebook 2013 was developed and is available on the Livingston County home page as well as on the web pages of Livingston County permitting departments such as the Building Department.

Permit information has been assembled from the following six Livingston County departments: Road Commission, Information Technology/GIS, Planning Department/Commission, Drain Commissioner’s Office, Public/Environmental Health, Building.

The guidebook provides a flow chart of steps involved in each permitting process, time estimates of each review process, lists of frequently asked permit questions, department contact information, and links to fee schedules and permit applications.

Livingston County government is playing a vital, leadership role in the five strategies of the Advantage Livingston plan, including the Collaboration, Cooperation and Consolidation strategy. A priority action item of this strategy is the creation of a ‘One-stop option for all permitting.’ The availability of a Livingston County Permit Guidebook 2013 moves the Advantage Livingston strategy one step closer toward this goal.

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