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Good Morning Livingston featured ‘Everything Transportation in Livingston County’

November 15th Good Morning Livingston breakfast event was full of concerns, initiatives and strategies for what transportation can do and will do for Livingston County residents. From easier commutes, to helping our seniors, to providing a more attractive community for millenials to be…transportation, commuter rails, mass transit and public busing was the topic of the morning.


To view the presentations:


FLEX ROUTE 23:  Mike Craine of Livingston County Road Commission

Mike Craine features county bridge work, new round-abouts, major road improvements and the need for US23 improvements from Livingston County to Ann Arbor.


N-S Commuter Rail (or Wally) from Howell to Ann Arbor: Michael Benham of Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AATA)

Michael Benham tackles the on-going discussion of utilizing existing state-owned freight lines to construct and implement a commuter rail that travels from Howell to Ann Arbor. This presentation includes 3 different plans, the costs to construct and operate.


Transportation Vision for Livingston County: Dr. Leo Hanifin of Livingston County Transportation Coalition

Dr. Leo Hanifin raises some very interesting questions in this presentation, complete with the why’s, the how’s and the who’s for making transportation a reality in Livingston County. To fully serve the transit dependent residents, this must become a reality. Transportation would support our aging seniors, stimulate the economy, create a true return on investment, attract skilled workers and make our community a more attractive place to live, work, gain an education and do business. This presentation dives in to how to truly support transportation, what is involved and next steps that must be taken…as well as how to become involved in these initiatives!

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