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Good Morning Livingston re-assured us about ‘Mobility and Connected Vehicles’

Good Morning Livingston re-assured us about ‘Mobility and Connected Vehicles’
To an audience of 100 people where not one person has ridden in an autonomous vehicle, it was a tough audience to say the least this past Tuesday morning at Chemung Hills Golf Club & Banquet Center. Self-driving cars are a reality but should we be intimated by them? How do they judge weather patterns, dangerous situations, power outages?

The discussion became more about mobility, efficiency and simplifying life so that we can enjoy the more important things. Imagine this:

Your car that sits in the parking lot and driveway 90% of the time now becomes a tool to simplify your family and day to day life. The car is scheduled to deliver the kids to school at 7:15, it then returns to the house to pick you up for work. You are able to schedule your day in the car and take calls while the car delivers you to work, drops you off at the door, re-fuels itself and then find itself a parking spot. Leaves at 3pm to fetch the kids from school, delivers them to practice and then heads to get you from work. Takes you home and then heads to practice to pick your daughter from basketball practice. Brings her home and you have dinner almost done.

From family life to simplifying the trucking industry and cargo deliveries from port, the way that we view mobility is quickly changing and it will be a gradual process. We will not be the Jetson’s tomorrow.

The very compelling panel included:

Ed Straub, American Center for Mobility
Ryan Morton, Ford Motor Co.
Paul Krutko, Ann Arbor SPARK
Paul Krutko spoke at length about the extensive testing facility being erected in Ypsilanti by the American Center for Mobility (ACM). Howell Chamber Members and guests were truly honored that Ed Straub from ACM was present on the panel, as ACM was scheduled to be toured by President Donald Trump the very next day. Ed’s position on mobility was perhaps the most assuring, as he approached the topic in a truly human and efficient manner.  Ryan Morton of Ford spoke of the race to the autonomous vehicle, being well-played here in Michigan, as well as in Texas and in Korea. The goal is to keep the automotive industry strong in Michigan, but the biggest challenge at this point is recruiting talent here in Michigan. The pool of mechanical engineers has become very picked over.

Look for more on this subject in the coming months, as the collected panelists did an excellent job re-assuring the audience of how this technology can benefit us all in the very near future.

Thank you to program emcee and panel discussion director, Todd Spitler of Brighton Ford.

March Good Morning Livingston was sponsored by monthly program sponsor, St. Joseph Mercy Livingston Hospital.

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