Please read the following instructions before completing and returning your parade application.

1. ALL entries must have lights on them (including approved walking entries).

2. There will be no more than 60 entries. Entries will be evaluated for acceptance based on theme use, entertainment value and use of lights (clear and colored).

3. A maximum of three dog entries will be accepted into the parade. If you have a vehicle accompany your dogs, it MUST have lights on it as well as the animals.

4. No unit will be admitted into the parade that has not been pre-approved. Entries will NOT be accepted or considered after November 2.

5. The Fantasy of Lights committee reserves the right to reject any entry that is not in good taste, inappropriate, or not in the best interest of the parade.

6. Entries depicting a political organization, candidate or controversial issue will not be considered.

7. Maximum height for entries is 13 feet from the ground. Maximum width is 8.6 feet. Maximum length is 55 ft.

8. All units are required to maintain forward motion at all times. No maneuvers are allowed that slows the forward movement of the parade. This includes color guards, animal entries and cheer/pom teams. NO DRILLS!

9. All entries should be properly identified with signs or banners with the organization’s name so the spectators know who you are – however there may NOT be any banners hanging in the front of the vehicle. This is not a commercial parade –please no sales messages – a holiday message is suggested.

10. Drivers of motorized vehicles must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license.   The chamber must receive a copy of the driver’s license one week prior to parade day. Participants are required to have auto and general liability insurance covering bodily injury and property damage.

11. Siren and Horns – Please refrain from using them. They frighten young children and animals and compete with musical units and are not in keeping with the parade holiday ambience.

12. Only one powered vehicle will be permitted for each entry.

13. A maximum of 20 walkers is permitted to walk with your entry. The walkers must be able to keep up with the pace and length of the parade. We do not allow “walking only” units other than marching bands (including cheer/pom), three dog entries and the color guard.

14. Equestrian and animal units must provide their own accompanying clean-up personnel and equipment. Please make sure the horses have the proper shoes. If you have a vehicle, carriage etc. it MUST have lights on it to go through the parade.

15. All parade participants are required to conduct themselves in such a manner as not to infringe on the rights of those people living in and along the staging areas and parade route. NO solicitation is allowed during event.

16. No Santa’s – we have invited the “real” Santa!



1. No objects including candy, flyers, or favors, may be THROWN or DISTRIBUTED out along the entire parade route or in the staging area. Michigan State Law prohibits throwing of items in a parade.

2. There will be no fueling of generators during the parade. Fuel cans (gasoline, fuel oil, etc.) are not allowed to be stored on the entry. They can be stored in the vehicle.

3. There will be NO live fires or open flames on any floats. No straw or hay is to be used.

4. One current 5 lb. ABC Dry Chemical extinguisher must be carried and accessible on each float. The gauge must be in the green area.

5. There are to be no vision obstructions to tow vehicles. An observer other than the driver is required with all towed entries. The observer can walk or ride with the entry.

6. Electrical problems are a concern. Safety inspectors will look for common hazards such as exceeding the number of light strands per manufacturer’s specifications, faulty extension cords, staples in wiring, etc.

7. There will be a brief mandatory drivers meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the staging area on the night of the parade (watch for more details).

8. Float riders are only permitted to ride on the float during the parade. They are to load onto the float in the staging area and unload at the disbursement area on Grand River between Elm and National Street.

9. Alcohol beverages are not allowed in the staging area, during the parade or dispersement.

10. No smoking near or on entries.

11. Please place your generators in a well ventilated area on your entry. We recommend use of 10 to 12 gauge wire to the generator.

12. Any violation of the rules or safety requirements could result in your not being able to participate in the parade.