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Memories of his father inspired Richard Lim’s passion for photography

lac-Golf-Richard-Lim-LOGO-WEB-green-6.2013-400x400Howell photographer Richard Lim was just 8-1/2 when his father died from cancer.

Photos of his father, along with stories from people who knew him, provided the adult Lim with a fuller picture of the man he didn’t have the time to get to know all that well as a child.

“That’s why I love capturing memories through photos,” Lim said.

For two decades, Lim drove the grueling commute east along I-96. He owned a brokerage firm in West Bloomfield, which he opened after spending five years with Merrill Lynch.

“My neck would be all tightened up by the time I got to my office,” he said. “I hated it.”

Growing up in the Philippines, Lim was inspired by photography-heavy publications like National Geographic, Time and LIFE magazines. He started shooting professionally in 2003; after deciding he needed to change his life, Lim started his full-time photography business in 2012.

“I am so happy today,” he said. “I love to interact with people. I get to spend more time with my family, spend time doing what I love, spend time working out – and no more commute.”

Lim said his career about-face was the “fruition of people I’ve met along the way.”

In addition to his commercial work, Lim also does a lot of shooting for the Howell Opera House, the Howell Parks and Recreation Association, Howell’s Downtown Development Authority, Howell High School sports and drama, and LACASA.

Check out Lim’s website by clicking here.

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