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Recruitment and Retention Survey results are in!

At a presentation at the Howell Chamber of Commerce this morning, Kevin Marrs from ASE, American Society of Employers, reviewed how employers and employees in Southeast Michigan and Livingston County view recruitment and retention efforts.
•    What attracts employees to a business or organization?
•    And what keeps talented workers at a business or organization?
Survey results from employers across the state and from Livingston County area businesses list the top items that attract talented workers as career advancement opportunities and competitive base pay, while employees list their top attraction drivers to a business or organization as base pay and job security. To retain employees, employees are looking for a competitive base pay and a workplace that has a good working environment and culture, but a short commute.
This recruitment and retention survey reviews several facets of the work place in our area, surveying over forty area businesses. The survey questions included recruitment methods, salaries, bonus pay, referral pay, benefits, wages, review methods, culture, training and even a long answer list from employers.
The results all conclude one significant formula for retaining talent in the workplace: communicate a clear pay structure, review process, goals and additional training so that employees feel valued and know of further ways to grow within the organization.
If you are interested in receiving these survey results, the results are available for $125. Please contact Kim Esper if you are interested in receiving the survey results. All businesses and organizations that participated in the survey will receive the results for free for their participation. This survey is a service of the Howell Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation  to best communicate the trends, best practices and challenges of employee recruitment and retention in our area.

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