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Spotlight in the News: Special Ministries of Livingston County works to pair special needs adults with local area businesses

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Adults with developmental disabilities may have special needs but they share the same basic need for community and belonging. This is the inspiration behind Special Ministries of Livingston County.

Special Ministries of Livingston County was originally founded in 1972 as a faith-based program for special needs adults within St. George Church in Brighton. Operating now since 2000 as a non-denominational group,
Special Ministries nurtures an individual’s connections to the community by identifying their interests, acknowledging the barriers present and then working alongside community members and businesses to develop and provide programs.

These programs promote a sense of belonging and an expression of self for each of these special adults in the Special Ministries programs. Events offered by Special Ministries vary from a bowling league, painting at the art studio, outdoor recreation at Taylor’s Beach, holiday parties, free haircuts and game nights, and all events offer transportation and specially trained staff.

Kristen Alonzi is the Executive Director of Special Ministries and has worn nearly every hat in the organization, starting as a volunteer in high school. Kristen’s passion for the organizations’ programs and activities resounds as she describes the passionate staff at Special Ministries, all of whom hold or are working toward degrees in Special Education.

“The goal for 2016 is to develop and pilot our new mentoring program.” Kristen explains, “We have always partnered with area businesses for program events, but we are excited to start strengthening our community relationships for the benefit of this new mentor program.”

If one of your business goals in 2016 is to develop a volunteer opportunity with your business team, consider a volunteer experience as fulfilling as the opportunities at Special Ministries of Livingston Country. 700 area volunteers already have.

For more information on how you, your family or your business can volunteer or become involved with Special Ministries programs, visit www.special-ministries.org

Special Ministries of Livingston County
Kristen Alonzi  |  Executive Director
810.229.6661 x106

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