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Celebrate Our Town is a community-based marketing company welcoming new homeowners with generous baskets filled with community information and gifts and gift certificates from local businesses. We help local non-profit organizations by providing new homeowners with a list of each group’s needs and volunteering opportunities; also included are local church worship services and upcoming events – all FREE OF CHARGE to the non-profit organization!

In addition to helping newcomers adjust to their new communities, Celebrate Our Town also assists local businesses in expanding their client base. Foundational to our philosophy is the belief that the current economic situation calls for a return to the basics: acquire and retain customers by providing quality service and products. In keeping with this philosophy, we also believe that quality does not have to mean expensive. Whether your business is selling a product or providing a service, – high or low-volume – Celebrate Our Town can assist you in your marketing efforts.  Our professional strategies and marketing ideas are specifically designed to bring consumers in your door! We have limited space, as we only represent one business in each category (excluding restaurants and entertainment), offering an exclusive spot in our new homeowner gift baskets.

We are a personal touch marketing company committed to helping local small businesses develop effective marketing plans. Most companies advertise through magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, and media mail. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of these methods is often counter-productive, as the cost usually outweighs the return. In contrast, Celebrate Our Town offers phenomenally LOW cost and HIGH return marketing for services that specifically target new consumers through the one historically and

Celebrate Our Town’s marketing strategies are unique and made to fit specific business needs, personally visiting 30 homes (or real estate closings) each month in each county with our bountiful baskets filled with your hand-tailored quality business promotional and marketing items.

For an introductory price of just $3.00 per visit for a 1-year contract, or $4.00 per visit for a 6-month contract, we will present your distinctive business information and exceptional offers to your new customers in the comfort of their new home!

We will provide you with a mailing list of all the homes visited each month so you can easily track the customers that Celebrate Our Town has sent your way. You can then utilize this list to promote your specials to your new clients in the future via social media and/or direct mail to keep your name in front of the new homeowners.

If you would like more information on how we can help you market your business to bring in additional revenue, contact us at 248.264.6953. We look forward to having the opportunity to promote your business!

Dianne Buchanan, Celebrate Our Town, LLC


P.O. Box 215

New Hudson, MI 48165


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